Oh Happy Day!

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and I still can’t believe the way a property transforms when landscaping is installed.   It’s like the difference between me in the morning and me with makeup on!  So today, when I got over to Pearl St, not only was the landscaping 75% installed, but the cabinetry is in too, and the kitchen is starting to take shape.  It’s spacious and full of light, and the vent hood is our favorite part….that is until the backsplash goes in in a few weeks.   Restored windows showed up on site today too, so looking forward to seeing them in by this weekend.

Enjoy a few photos of the house coming together…


Lighting Makes All of the Difference

In the design side of the business, one of our early “a-has!” was how much of a differentiator lighting can be.  In a lot of new construction (even the largest, nicest houses!), contractors often skimp on the light fixtures with standard ugly flushmounts, fans, and sconces. In contrast, it is utterly amazing what an interesting light fixture can do for a room’s character.  Almost everyone that has walked through our houses remarks on the lighting, and that makes us even more excited to find a fantastic fixture for the next project.

In the case of the Brady House, we might have gone a little overboard with our lighting!  Here are just a few of the selections that I can’t wait to put up: