What is Old Becomes New Again

We’re just a week or two away from completion now, and the Brady House 2.0 will be unveiled soon! In the past few weeks, we’ve stained the floors, painted, tiled, and installed most of the fixtures.

One of my favorite features in the house is that we were able to reuse 75% of the original light fixtures – simply polishing them, re-wiring, and transporting to different rooms.  For instance, the lovely yellow glass chandelier that was originally in the dining room was too small in scale for that room, but perfect in the new guest bedroom.  In all, the light fixtures in the 2 stairwells and in both guest bedrooms upstairs were re-purposed from their original use.  Can you tell which ones below are old v. new?

I’ve also incorporated traditional arabesque designs in multiple locations throughout the house, including the Schumacher fretwork wallpaper in the foyer and the beveled arabesque tile in the kitchen backsplash (partially complete.)  All things arabesque are in vogue now, but also timeless and classic…just like this house.


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